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Playground Safety: Tips for Kids

Playgrounds are great places to have fun.

But you need to have fun without getting hurt.

Here are some rules to remember the next time you visit the playground.

Happy children on the playground
Playground safety is important for everyone.
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Getting Ready to Play on the Playground

Wear sunscreen so you don't get sunburn. Remember that sun makes metal hot. A hot slide can burn your skin, too.

Wear shoes that keep your feet safe. Don't go barefoot. If you do, your foot could get a splinter or a cut.

Don't play on wet equipment. If you do, you could slip and fall.

Tell an adult if any playground equipment is broken. Don't play on broken equipment until it's fixed.


Go down the slide only one person at a time. Wait until the person in front of you is on the ground and has moved away from the slide before you start to go down.

Always slide sitting down and facing forward. NEVER slide down headfirst!

Move away from the bottom of the slide as soon as you reach the ground.

Never climb up the front of the slide. Someone might slide down and hit you.

Don't climb over any guardrails. Guardrails are there to protect you.


Climb stairs or steps slowly.

Hold onto the handrails.

Don't climb or slide on equipment support poles or beams.


Sit down while you swing.

Swing with only one person per swing.

Wait until the swing stops before you get off.

Be careful when you walk in front of moving swings. You don't want to get hit accidentally!

Only one person at a time should ride a spring rocker. Sit down while you're rocking.

If Something Goes Wrong

Remembering these rules will help keep you safe and prevent accidents, but sometimes things can still go wrong.

If there's a problem or if someone gets hurt on the playground, ask an adult for help.

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